A fair facade?

I took this photo several months ago, with the plan to replicate the facade onto a card, a ‘congratulations on your new home’ card. OK, the home owners have been living there awhile [but less than a year] but I was still determined to create this idea I had in my head.house for congratulations card

So along with shimmering paper, cardstock, vellum and some fibrous paper I started cutting panels, window holes, scoring roof tiles and garden bushes.

In Picassa I applied the pencil effect to the photo and then cut and pasted the image into a word document. Re-sizing the image to what would be the final size on the card. I then cut pasted that image another 5 times – so I had a total of six identical pencil images to cut templates from. This made it easier to see the definition of the panels and also helped when mounting the cut outs onto my card. I cut templates with a scalpel from the paper first. I was also able to eliminate the blue car and continue the fence line. I then glued them in reverse onto the cardstock or paper and cut out the different pieces of the facade. I can compare this to the effect of 3D decoupage/paper tole craft. I used the photo as a guide when layering the different pieces, where they had to be placed and what was recessed or raised. I used foam tape to provide the 3D effect and built each layer up by one. I used silver gel pen and black felt tip pens to add TV aerial, street light, gutters, external lights and window panes.

congratulations on your new home card

So what do you think, is it a fair replication of their house facade?

words to live by

You may recall my  post on 2 blank walls. I have now finished Mstr A’s wall art. Although I could create anything I wanted to, I did ask for the colour of Mstr A’s feature wall, green. So with that I started thinking. I wanted to create something that was timeless and appropriate for a 3 or 8 or 13 year old boy’s room. So I thought what about some words to live by. To customise it, I added some personal stats in place of some letters and changed the colour of some letters too. I originally made a paper template and was going to paint the letters/words but this failed big time. I turned to paper instead, or rather Bazzill cardstock. I printed the letters and cut them individually and stuck them on the canvas. This is what I came up with.

Adams wall art

Adams wall art_

I love that these words will inspire a 3 0r 103 year old!

handmade swap – 4th package

The details I received for my 4th swap partner were:

Favourite Colours: blues purples pinks

Decorating Style: country

Favourite Things to Make:  soft toys waldorf inspired dolls/toys

Hobbies, Passions: learning to needle felt right now

Children: boy 23 boy 12 girl 5 girl 4

So I see a pattern is emerging, that I tend to focus on the one colour in the packages I create. I hope my partners don’t mind. I have been slowly adding to my bags and pouches Pinterest board so I was keen to create a zippered pouch. And my instagram friends have inspired me to try patchwork. Here is the purple pouch with a patchwork pocket [unintentional alliteration].

purple pouch

The needle felting encoruaged me to dive into my stash – again something I have been wanting to do for a while – wet felting. I had envisioned a bag or flower but am happy that I first tried these balls. Which turned into these grapes – felt, embroidery and crochet finished it off with leaves and vine. These could be hung ornamentally, attached to make a key ring or bookmark or could be the start of a felted fruit bowl ;)

felted grapes

So I went searching to find out more about waldorf dolls. What a wonderful way to teach and encourage children to use their creativity. I had pinned this [hanky dolls dress] a while back – so it seemed like a perfect opportunity to create my own. With a tiny smocking effect I created this hankie dress [miniature coat hanger made by my dad]

hanky dress

Another emerging pattern – which seems to be my signature item in these swaps, is a packet of notecards. Upcycling and recycling what would otherwise be discarded – gastronomic pages. I made some envelopes from food magazine pages and hand stamped Kaisercraft fine and sunny birds on white cardstock.

4th package note cards

I hope my partner liked her goodies – I enjoyed that swap I learnt something new and was encouraged to try out some crafts I’d been wanting to try for a while.

complete 4th package

Go on – try something new soon!

2 blank walls

So the brief was ‘can you make wall art for Miss R’s and Mstr A’s room’? That was it! It was up to me, no further criteria to fill. I was also informed, after asking, Miss R has a pastel yellow feature wall and Mstr A has a mint green feature wall. So that was what I used for inspiration.

So because I have a thing for bunting and well for crochet, and hexagons, and sewing and quilting I thought I would combine all these and use my stash to create some different shapes, using different crafts, different media, yellow inspired bunting.

After crocheting some hexagons, hand sewing some fabric hexies, sewing smalls together to form larger squares, handing sewing Suffolk puffs [yo-yos], embellishing with buttons, ribbons, bows I came up with this. Miss R buntingAnd oh this against my office mission brown wall before it was gifted.

And a close up of the shapes and how they were embellised.

Miss R bunting close up

Miss R’s mum and dad loved it – as did Miss R.

Stayed tuned – just about finished Mstr A’s wall art.

a second life

I was drawn to this at my local ‘boot hill’ markets. The tag said $29 but when I asked, the lady said $3, sold! I wanted it for the frame only. And inside was a long and short chain!

before shot_purse frame

I’m not a fan of beaded/vintage-y bags so forgive me if you think this was a great find but I quickly unpicked the beads and lining. Keeping the beads for another project [yet to be determined].

I have been inspired by so many pouches and bags on pinterest and my love of hexies continues so I decided to make some hexies from my Japanese fabric stash bag I bought at the craft show last year. I also bought this fabric in India – again I buy things simply by loving the look and then figuring out the project. It may be difficult to see from the photos but it is suiting fabric. Actually the lining was also made from a sari fabric kit I bought in Malaysia.indian fabric


I was really inspired by modernhandcraft on instagram- and how she used her hexies on her quilts. I therefore decided to machine sew the hexies onto the bag. I positioned the colours so that it could either as a red/burgundy accessory or a blue/green one.

hexie bag collage

This was gifted to my mum for Christmas and I have a second batch of hexies ready for mine. I am really happy with how it turned out and am eager to make mine but a few other more pressing projects have jumped the queue ;)

red final

red bottom

blue final

bottom blue

a new year, a new page

Happy New Year! I hope 2015 brings you opportunities to craft and to share the creations.

I want to continue sharing what my talented parents make – so I have dedicated a page on my blog just for their creations – the page is called – it’s in the genes. Go check it out, click here - and a sneak peek…


D is for…

delightful, darling and dazzling – that’s our Danielle our first Goddaughter. She turned 18 last month, where did those years go. She has graduated and begun her next exciting chapter. And did I mention she is gorgeous – she is sooo stunning. So to make an extra special gift I decided to quill her initial. I purchased these fantastic shadow boxes which make the best home for quilled art. Using an outline I printed in word, I think it was size 300 font, I started filling and gluing rolls and scrolls. All 203 of them.

This is the D…

quilled D initial

and a close up.

quilled D initial close up

Handmade [Christmas] Swap – 3rd package

My third package has been sent.

This is what my lovely recipient likes:

Favourite Colours: Blue

Decorating Style: Bright or Vintage

Favourite Things to Make:  Quilts Childrens Clothes

Hobbies, Passions: Sewing Crochet Teaching

And this is what I came up with:

blue christmas decorations

Some blue, felt, hand embroidered Christmas decorations.

With blue ribbon, and grey felt backing, ready to be hung.

christmas decoration collage

A little snack mat or mug rug, with vibrant blue backing and stitching.

snack mat

And lastly to upcycle, recycle and re-use some atlas pages, I created a little pack of note cards and atlas pages envelopes.

atlas pages upcycled note cards

Hope she likes it.

Another thing I like to do

is to bake. I have always offered to bake cakes for special occasions – and obviously my creative side can’t resist decorating. Here are a few:cakeswith miniature tea cups, cupcakes, roses, loaves of bread, grapes. Coconut bodices and grass. And a few gingerbread houses too.

Little of me

I received an award from sewchet and although I have declined to participate I have thought I would answer the questions posed – I love reading about others so thought I would share a little of me.

1. What is your favourite film quote?

I am bad at remembering lines from movies. But my favourite films would include: The Shawshank Redemption, The Neverending Story – there’s probably more, definitely bad at remembering good movies too. Generally I have a great memory, dates is a forte :)

2. What was the first thing you made?

I remember making a huge granny square blanket, sitting and covering my legs whilst I crocheted. This is a younger me, not crocheting but knitting.

a young me


[love the handmade dolls house my dad made in the background]

3. Which three words best describe you?

organised, lefty, creative

4. Which is your favourite blog and why?

Oh I have so many but this one is up there on the list.

5. Do you have a favourite post from your archives? Why not share the link again.

I was really happy how my bunting turned out for my little man. Oh gee I just realised it was my first ever post :)

6. What are the top three things on your bucket list?

Travel to Spain and Italy

Attend a World Cup

Probably more travel

7. How did you meet your partner?

At work – I had a part-time job in a hotel whilst at Uni. I worked in housekeeping and he in the kitchen. I married a chef :)

8. Describe your house.

Modern, spacious, personalised

9. Sewing or Crochet?

Oh both, bit like choosing a favourite child – I can’t, I would have to say both, and I’ll add that I love combining the two as well. Like my pin cushion tutorial.

10. Which celebrity would be top of your guest list for a dinner party?

It would have to be Oprah.