Oh Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree!

Really, more than one month since my last post. Well it’s definitely not because I have nothing to blog about it’s because I have been so busy, many craft projects in the making and craft news to share. The first one being my first published project and pattern. And it made on the front cover. I am so excited to see my hexie Christmas tree on the cover. And to share with Greg Sukendro’s angel – a dream cover true.

I used Print Charming Original Fabrics to make the hexies. All hand basted, hand sewn together and then running stitch to add the felt backing.

Here is the link to the magazine on their facebook page.

And here is my Christmas tree!

handmade magazine

My first guest blogger post!

I can now share with you some exciting news. I have been creating some projects for Lincraft. Lincraft is a wonderful craft shop that sells everything you possibly need to get creating. For my first project I made a shopping tote which folds up neatly for your handbag.

I have listed this one my tutorial page but I’ll save you a step or two, here is the link.

shopping tote

Miniature Monday – hexie to quilt

As part of the #igneedlebookswap I received a lovely solitary hexie – it was the cutest. I asked my lovely Instagram community for any ideas and my lovely Instagram friend, Margaret, suggested I turn it into a miniature quilt. Perfect, that’s what I’ll make, a miniature quilt, so I can hang on the wall of my haberdashery shop. I drew some pieces, rectangles and corners, cut out pieces of paper and using the EPP method, created EPP so that I could ‘complete’ the quilt with the hexie as the main focal point. After sewing all the EPP pieces together I machine sewed the 6mm [1/4 inch] bias binding. I then finished the binding by hand and also added further focus on the hexie by accenting it with a running stitch. My father had made me some miniature coat hangers many years ago so this was perfect to hang my quilt on the back wall of the store.

hexie quilt close up

hexie quilt

Hand-stitched Hoops

The Craft and Quilt Fair [Sydney] ran from June 17 – 21. I went along on the Sunday, with my neighbour and also met up with a new craft friend I met at a recent wedding I attended. I didn’t buy much except for some bias binding, loads and loads of metres in various colours for the yet to be made mini quilts, runners, pouches I have listed on growing to do list. I sat in the ‘wonderful one fabric quilts’ workshop. It was very interesting to learn that where cuts are placed and how the pieces are positioned produce a wonderful result with stunning effects.

The one display that took my breath away was by the Embroiderers’ Guild of NSW.

These hoops caught my eye. The colours. The stitches. The creativity.

main display 1

main display 3

hoops 1

hoops 2

hoops 3

hoops 4

hoop 1

hoop 2

These are crocheted button flowers – so so pretty.

hoop 3

hoop 4

It is fair to say I am drawn to bright colours but the simplicity of this sophisticated stitch in white I find stunning.

hoop 5

hoop 6

hoop 7

hoop 8

There were  so many quilts. Each one beautiful and/or intricate in different ways. These made it onto my camera’s memory.

bookshelf quilt

hexie love

little birds quilts

little houses quilt

major hexie crush

tree quilt

And this – 50 years of ‘Flower Power’ – freeform crochet hand stitched by Prudence Mapstone.

flower power 1

flower power 2

Hope you enjoyed this little re-cap of the show.

Elephants out to dry!

Here’s a quick little tutorial for a card I made for a friend’s sons Baptism last week. It was my first Instagram tutorial.

I love this colour combination. Orange and navy blue were used on Luke’s Baptism invitation – as it turned out it was carried right through, coordinating chocolate favours given at church, the balloons, centre pieces and party favours.

elephant card tutorial


1. Inspiration from the invitation.
2. I used my Cuttle bug die to cut felt elephants. You could use any shape and even cut the shapes by hand. The materials needed  are coordinating embroidery floss, orange cord and  miniature pegs. You’ll also need small hole punch, cardsotck and double sided tape.
3. Mark the letters on the felt pieces [E]. Embroider the letters in contrasting floss using back-stitch [U, K]. These little elephants measure 2.5cm [1in], and the head is as big as the body ;) so a simple stitch was required.
4. Fold card cardstock in half. Punch 4 holes in top left and right hand corners of card front. Thread cord through both holes and secure with a knot. Repeat with the other end. Place small piece of double sided tape on back of peg.
Clip peg and felt piece on the cord. Clip all, space and position. Peel off tape and secure pegs to card.

close up elephant baptism card

I made it so the bunting-like embellishment could be removed and hung elsewhere if desired.

baptism elephant card

Couldn’t resist these party favour’s are so cute – even adults made sure they took their’s home. Apologies, my son has already made a dent in the contents.

party favour


Miniature Monday – Manyana Mini

Ok, yes, I am guilty I have neglected my ‘miniature Monday’ posts of late but  I have something special to share with you. My parent’s were invited to stay in their friend’s sons beach holiday home a couple of months back. They had a wonderful time and loved the home they were welcomed in. Manyana is a small town on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia in the Shoalhaven. Manyana is approx 200 km south of Sydney. My dad took several photos and on his return set out to replicate the home in miniature. I have not seen the real home but my mum attests it’s identical.

manyana front 1

The front of the house. Steps, rocks, garden bed, porch and front door.


A view of the side of the house – including electrical box.

wheelie bins

My favourite – the wheelie bins and [skewers] Venetian blinds.


The other side of the home – and the ‘metal’ gates.

basketball ring

This is the back of the two-storey house – basketball ring and all.

manyana front

And another one of the front – painted styrofoam in the very forefront resembling exposed earth.

Instagram needlebook swap – part 2

I wrote here about the Instagram needle book swap I participated in. In part 2 I wanted to share with you what I received. I was so excited to receive my box – all the way from the USA. It was lovely wrapped with a bright cheery card. The very talented and generous Rochelle made this gorgeous needlebook. She mentioned she used Amy Dunn’s tutorial.

needlebook closed

A bunch of colourful hexies on a black/white background, accented in aqua. Hand-stitched hexie border and quilted. It folds in three and keeps thread, scissors, buttons, pins, needles, measuring tapes and any other bit and pieces safe and in their place. Love the color combination and hexies [who doesn’t right?].

needlebook cover 1

needlebook cover 2

And inside more treats. Thread, scissors, needles, pins, measuring tape.

needlebook open

Also the cutest buttons and to-die-for hexie – is there anything cuter.

buttons and hexie

Rochelle also made this great key fob.

key fob back

key fob front

Gifted me a tin of pins.


And these little treats. Those critter mug rugs look so adorable.


And wrapping in my favourite colour.


You get caught up making your package that you forget someone, somewhere is caught up making something for you – it’s a lovely surprise when it arrives.

Thanks again Rochelle xx