My name is Carina and I enjoy creating anything really. I am originally from Argentina but live in Sydney, Australia. I am a wife, mum and an employee but when I can tune out from these roles I love to craft. As a child I taught myself how to crochet after observing my BFF’s mother. I always had to indulge in trial and error as I am lefty, things happen in reverse. But that was ok because I always persevered and found a way. I remember using paper piercing technique in year 2 to decorate the front cover of an exercise book. I can remember it clearly, the front had three vertical stripes, the two outer being orange and the middle was white which I pierced a fish. I have fond memories of crafts in my childhood. A friend introduced me to cross stitch whilst at university and I have been making cards for decades. About 16 years ago my parents and I discovered the world of miniatures. I like to try all crafts, happy to give anything a go, at least once. Name it I have attempted it, calligraphy, sewing, painting, photography, bookbinding, quilting. Hope you enjoy my little blog and would be pleased to read your comments. Thanks for stopping by. Happy crafting.


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Carina – you liked one of my posts at Folios and Fibre and I came on over to your blog – loved the tiny jacket – how fantastic an idea. When I have more time I am coming back over to check out your blog further – its great.

    • Thanks for stopping by. Jane. Yes, I love bookbinding. Typically of the traditional sort but this one of the computer cables is awesome – love ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking. I too must come back when time is on my side. I have made a few book bound albums and also one that I won a competition from but am really a novice. Thank you for your sweet comment.

    • Thanks so much for the award. I will accept it in part – I love reading about other people so thought I would use your questions as a great starting point to tell people a little about myself. Thanks for the nudge.

  2. c arina, I have part of a copy of sakura blossoms wall handing pattern just wondering where I can access it again from yuour website/blog . Like your style too. Robyn

  3. Hi, I am searching for the Face Fabric you have used a few times in craft projects. I brought some from Lincraft about a year ago and want some more. Don’t know what the name or designer of the fabric was

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