My first tute & free pattern!

I have been wanting to do this for a while and now understand why I have put it off. You need to note down all the details, remember to take photos at every step and hope that the project turns out ok. I have been wanting to write a tutorial that is. My inspiration came form this and this blue DMC yarn – although when I bought this I wasn’t completely convinced with this colour.

blue DMC yarn

I wanted to make something for 2 lovely ladies [who happen to be sisters] they love cute things and appreciate the handmade. As with most amigurumi the yarn and hook size is not critical. I used Semco Milford knitting crochet cotton thread and size 2 hook. So without further ado, here is my tute.

Start with making 4 discs.

4 discs

To make 1 disc start with a magic circle. First row consists 6 double crochets [dc] joined with a slip stitch [sl st]. Second row consists of 12 dc [2 in each dc of the 1st row], join with a sl st. Third row consists 18 dc crochets [2 dc in one dc and 1 dc in the next dc] – repeat till end. Make another 3 discs. Then stitch 2 discs together as shown below with the same cotton thread.

join two discs

top bottom of spool

To make the body of the spool. Start with chain, 30 sl st to join. First row, 1 dc in each chain, 30 dc in total, sl st to join. Repeat for rows 2-6.

body of spool

Then sew one end of the body of the spool to one disc with the same cotton thread. Fill the spool with hobby fill and then sew the second disc to the top of the body of the spool

collage 3 steps

Wrap yarn or thread around the body of the spool. You could even wrap ribbon or cord. You will need to wrap more yarn at one end if yours ends up like mine, but that’s ok it will get covered up.

wrap yarn on spool

spools pin cushion

As for the blue – I love it now. These are great as pin cushions or simply cute sitting in your craft room.


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