Non-stop Workout Ninja Warrior party

We, as a family enjoyed watching Australian Ninja Warrior last year. Cheering on from our lounge room and with many sympathetic aws’s and oh no when contestants missed the mark!

In celebrating children’s birthday one tends to be inspired by current trends, current superheroes or current likes. Perfect! A ninja warrior themed party for master 7. Here’s a little overview of our efforts last December.

First, a bit of Pinterest inspiration for invitations and cakes. A free editable template was found. Edits made. Printing at Officeworks. Invitations on the their way.

My husband detests lolly bags [read the irony in the subsequent paragraph] so we brain stormed what could take place of the lolly bags. Water bottles! With our active, and energetic party theme, we thought these would encourage kids to drink healthy and be active.

Personalised thank you tags attached!

During a clean up I found some car-related party-favour medals. So printing off a few more thank you notes I converted them into Ninja Warrior thank you party-favour medals.

Master 7’s grandfather offered to make the piñata. He replicated the image from the invites to a T. And yes it was filled with lollies. And yes they all took home brown paper bags with the lollies they retrieved. What’s a party without a bit of sugar!

We settled on the menu.

We hired the obstacle course.

I created a commando obstacle course.

Now for the cake. After several Pinterest research sessions for inspiration I came up with my own design. It was to incorporate some of the obstacles. It meant I needed to use other materials other than royal icing and jelly. Namely, balsa wood, wire, paint, washi tape and plastic containers. I even used quilling techniques to create the rungs on the ring toss obstacle. I made the frame and used trimmed plastic containers for the pools. The cake consisted of a chocolate layer and upper vanilla layer. I had to be careful when engineering the holes to insert the swimming pools.

The party was a success. Happy and tired kids. And well fed parents. Till the next one!



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