SIC – 11th month

A reminder¬†here¬†why I am doing this, and the¬†2nd,¬†3rd,¬†4th,¬†5th,¬†6th,¬†7th¬†,¬†8th,¬†9th¬†and 10th¬†challenges if you are interested. This effect, gave me an idea for a card. Using paint chips, double sided and ¬†foam tape I replicated the effect. Little tag and ribbon completed my SILs birthday card. Some stitching on the gift wrapping instead of tape. Travel memories…. gorgeous […]

Deconstructed flower

Deconstructed, it’s a popular term, don’t you think? So many recipes and cooking shows talk about deconstructed dishes. Recently I saw it refer to in the craft world. And this card was an accidental ‘deconstruction’. I started with making petals, 5 of them. I had in my mind a flower of course. Then when I […]

Pretty Paisley Pin Cushion Tutorial

              ¬†I didn’t intend for my second tutorial to be another pin cushion but here is my paisley print inspired shape pin cushion. Any questions please drop me line would love to help you re-create your own. And my first go at a 100% pictorial tute.       […]