think outside the box

I was lucky enough to win this gorgeous multicoloured Scheepjes pack. Fifty, stone and river washed 10g cotton and acrylic balls.


The box sat on my reading chair for a long time, while I thought what I could make to show off all the gorgeous colours. I am glad I took my time to think what I could create. I stumbled across a hexagon shaped crocheted flower pattern on Pinterest.

Perfect, I could make flowers and then join them to create a blanket. I sewed in the tails and trimmed the excess. [These trims were kept – more on that later]. If you would like to see all 50 colours close up, click here. Working through all the balls, I made 200 flowers for my blanket [this made for a perfect travelling project, I made them in the car, at my son’s swimming classes, in front of the TV]. As I was not sure how I was going to place the colours I made them separately and once I decided on the layout I joined them at the corners. It measures 82.5 cm x 90 cm [33 in x 36 in]. Now waiting for winter……


The flip side looks like the embossed effect.


I was able to make 4 flowers per ball. And I had anything from 20-40 cm [ 8-16 in] leftover from each ball. These were all tied together to create this ball.

With the ball I crocheted this little swatch.

What could this become? A miniature blanket. A pencil case. No, I decided to create a needle book.


I glued some of the trim on the labels.

I enjoyed reading what the names given to the colours meant. And created this canvas ‘art’ with the labels.


Remember the trims I kept after sewing in the tails – I turned these into 3 balls and held them together with white thread – temari style. Then onto cord and around my neck.

So these 4 projects from this wonderful box of yarn. Remember to think outside the box and not waste anything – you’ll be surprised what you can make.


4 thoughts on “think outside the box

  1. I love the Scheepjees stonewashed yarns. I’ve made a couple of things with their yarn and really love it. I love your blanket, it’s gorgeous. I’m so happy for you winning the pack. Take care my friend and God Bless xx

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