Deconstructed flower

Deconstructed, it’s a popular term, don’t you think? So many recipes and cooking shows talk about deconstructed dishes. Recently I saw it refer to in the craft world. And this card was an accidental ‘deconstruction’. I started with making petals, 5 of them. I had in my mind a flower of course. Then when I had 4 strips of the biege/pale yellow left I start twisting into loops, just playing around. It resulted in what I think looks like a fish. I liked the flourish I created and then started playing around with the placement of the petals. This is my result, my deconstructed flower and fish quilling card. I used alphabet stamp to create the sentiment, my Kikki K copper metallic gel pen for some dots and round corner punch to complete my card. I like the result. I made it for a sweet family friend.


little closer 😉



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