I love to crochet but doilies aren’t my thing

Ok, so I love to crochet, all sorts of things, socks, amigurumis, scarves, Christmas snowflakes anything really but traditional doilies for furniture, let’s just say our modern home doesn’t suit these.

But when my bestie gifted me a huge doily her mother, my original crochet teacher, had made approximately 40 years ago I was over the moon. I wanted to show this beauty off, I wanted to have it on display but how, in my modern home.

Isn’t it beautiful!

In the words of Oprah Winfrey, my aha moment came when I explored the initial idea of stretching the doily in an embroidery hoop.

Hoops that size didn’t exist or perhaps they but are not readily available, or craft rings that size didn’t exist, I then had to think outside the box, rings from the hardware store, hoops from the toy store, metal rings from the car windscreen shades.

My dad came to the rescue creating me a 60cm [24 inch] diameter hoop from his scraps, which meant I needed to cover the imperfections. No problem, that’s my forte.

I used cotton to wrap the hoop

Once covered and doily stretched and attached I created my dreamcatcher pin board. I could now hang my doily and use to clip all my littles creations. All the items I make that lay scattered in drawers, or shelves just waiting to be gifted or used as an embellishment, are now on display and I can admire them from my workspace.

The doilies pattern and ‘holes’ are perfect for pegging and pinning all my little projects.

I have been converted, doilies are my thing!


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