SIC – 11th month

A reminder here why I am doing this, and the 2nd3rd4th5th6th7th 8th9th and 10th challenges if you are interested.

This effect, gave me an idea for a card.


Using paint chips, double sided and  foam tape I replicated the effect. Little tag and ribbon completed my SILs birthday card.


Some stitching on the gift wrapping instead of tape. Travel memories…. gorgeous grainy [not obvious from the photo] paper acquired in Bali and colourful paper ribbon from Thailand.


Must admit this month’s food challenge got me – not very happy with the result, it seemed easier than what it was [for me anyway].


But I guess that’s what challenges are all about, stretching ourselves.  I managed one fancy chocolate butterfly and a few average ones. None the less the cupcakes were enjoyed during a family gathering on our recent Queen’s Birthday long weekend.



4 thoughts on “SIC – 11th month

  1. Your take on the challenges is great! I love the way the card looks and those are great butterflies. You may have only gotten 1 fancy one this time, but next time you’ll have many more.

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