What to do with all that artwork – well the ones worth saving?

Do you keep your children’s artwork? Do you pretend to like it? My approach is to ask my son if he wants to keep it – that way he is part of the decision. The main reason I keep any of his artwork, it has to be big and has to be colourful and bright, is to recycle as wrapping paper! But this piece spoke to me…….

so I cut the entire sheet into triangles [isosceles triangle and the 2 edges provide right angled triangles]…….

I created paper beads. I rolled them up starting at the base [widest part of the triangle] using a skewer and secured the tip with white glue.

After painting them with mod podge to strengthen them and make them shiny I threaded them on waxed cord.

Let me know what you use your child’s painting for.


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