Enjoyable Embroidery [challenge]

So technically it is still February somewhere in the world – although here down under we have started a new month and new season. So to celebrate the wonderful month that February is [my birthday, Valentine’s day, kids go back to school] AND it being National Embroidery Month – I am blogging about the challenge I participated in last February.

Gulush Threads and DMC organised an embroidery challenge during February – National Embroidery Month – 2017! I participated through Instagram. We were required to post a photo of stitches from the daily prompts. Here are the prompts for the month.

As opposed to using fabric or an embroidery hoop I decided to embroider on cotton paper. Here is the complete collection I created during the month.

So if you are interested how I interrupted each day, here goes….

Day 1 – Pink only

baby pink to be exact – embellishing sequins and seed beads with straight stitches and French knots

Day 2 – Back Stitch

an nice easy stitch to create this thread bobbin/spool

Day 3 – 1 ply strands

weaving stitch

Day 4 – pearl cotton

in addition to French knots – eskimo laced stitch

inspired  from the Modern Folk Embroidery book by Nancy Nicholson, a blog hop I participated in

Day 5 – neon

this is the only neon I had in my stash at the time – couching stitch

Day 6 – stem stitch

a little pumpkin in stem stitch

Day 7 – free style

so I delved into my embroidery bible and thought I would try this double threaded [mauves] back stitch [grey]

Day 8 – neutral only

buttonhole stitch – they look like wheels and buttons

Day 9 – French knots

my idea was to fill the negative space of the ampersand with French knots – far too ambitious for a daily challenge – I’m liking the combination of knots and holes though

Day 10 – variegated

wanted to try the herringbone stitch

Day 11 – whipped back

combines a back stitch with thread threaded back over each stitch [easily seen with this variegated thread] – crochet hook only in back stitch

Day 12 – black and white

I was cheeky with this one – using back stitch – Spanish and reversal

Day 13 – 7 ply strands

first time using 7 ply – I had a go at feather stitch – do you think it looks like coral

Day 14 – free style

I decided to have a go at chevron stitch – in red for Valentine’s day

Day 15 – green only

Amber from @ambrosiastitches on Instagram introduced me to cast on stitch – perfect for my lil tree

Day 16 – ombre

pink ombre long and short stitch also known as embroidery shading stitch, tapestry shading stitch, brick stitch, leaf stitch, Irish stitch, plumage stitch, feather work, opus plumerium

Day 17 – split stitch

split stitch for concentric variegated circles kinda works

Day 18 – shapes

applying some felt with blanket stitch and French knots

Day 19 – blue only

chain stitch on a paisley shape – or is it a bird

Day 20 – straight stitch

also known as stroke stitch – which is great for depicting grass

Day 21 – free style

flicking through my embroidery bible I choose this Pekingese stitch also known as Chinese stitch or blind stitch – looks like a stamp to me – stamp stitch?

Day 22 – 3 ply strands

the basket stitch or long armed cross stitch was easy quick – the French knot hydrangeas on the other hand…

Day 23 – shades of grey

not many greys in my stash but the wheat ear stitch came up a treat

Day 24 – abstract

had a go at Roman stitch also known as branch stitch – I also varied the short cross stitch from running parallel to running diagonally.

Day 25 – filler stitch

I used 4 ply for the double Algerian eye stitch

Day 26 – rainbow

battlement stitch – or overlapping blanket stitches

Day 27 – satin stitch

no secret I like to mix different media in my creations – I couldn’t resist stitching a hexie with satin stitch

Day 28 – free style

to finish the challenge I want to combine several element and try a new stitch – I create this miniature kite with a back stitch tail and sheaf stitch bows – I added a metallic thread in the variegated floss – upcycling an old atlas page to make the kite.

Would love to know which one is your favourite and which stitch you are now itching to try?

I learnt so many stitches during this challenge – great learning exercise when you commit to a challenge!


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