SIC – 7th month

A reminder here why I am doing this, and the 2nd3rd4th5th and 6th challenges if you are interested. What a wonderful opportunity to make there savoury muffins…

BHG muffins

for an impromptu school friends catch up mid week. I included tasty cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, kalamata olives and basil in my variation – they were yummy. Love use the baking paper squares for the ‘cafe’ look.

savoury muffins


I love these. Destination boards. Love the everything about it.

destination board

So no surprise I was inspired to create a background with this effect for a card for my gorgeous niece. I admit I struggled, played around in word and then played in excel and contemplated in powerpoint but no, it was in word, inserting wordart – ensuring the height and width is consistent create equal length word. And it work. Black and white and a white ribbon. Hope Miss M likes it. Got my old typewriter as a prop:)

destination board background

destination board background 1


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