SIC – 8th month

A reminder here why I am doing this, and the 2nd3rd4th5th6th and 7th challenges if you are interested.

So I reverted to what I enjoy and decided to replicate this cake

BHG cake

Guess what. no variations this time – followed the recipe to a tee 🙂 It was a hit a recent at a gathering of my husband’s childhood friends.

lemon and lime cake

No surprise that this picture along with my Martha Stewart scoring board inspired me…

BHG rosettes

to make this card for a friends little boy turning one. I love making rosettes but recently I saw on ‘Scrap it TV’ a neat trick that made it sooooo much it easier. Once the strip of paper is folded and pleated you glue one end together and let it dry – then you join with double sided tape to create the rosette. This is given me an idea to do a quick pictorial tutorial as its easier with photos than words I think. I cut some Bazzill cardstock circles with my 1 inch Fiskars cutter and ran it through my printer to print the ‘o’, ‘n’ and ‘e’.

one rosette


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