to feel, feeling, felt

Many, many years ago I bought 3 bags of wool felt from Spotlight . I am not sure if they still stock them. Purple, orange and green. As you can tell they are rough pieces in many shades. I did not take a photo of the purple bag but here is the orange one.

So I set about first separating them into 3 shades, light, medium and dark. Then I proceeded to split the fibres to make them soft and easier to work with. This took a very long time. But worth it.

Then carefully guesstimating the amount I needed, I created balls of felt ready for wet felting.

So with a bit of hot water and soap and initially carefully creating felt balls between the palms of your hands, balls start to form. As they take on shape you can add more hot water and more soap if needed and applying more pressure with your hands to form the balls. They are left to dry overnight.

Once all the hard work is done you can create – the ideas are endless, here are a few that I created. The felt balls are easily cut with a kitchen knife to create 2 halves.

earrings – with a few seed beads and embroidery

necklace – with a few seeds, sequins and stitching

a trivet – joined and sewn together, I used a curved sewing needle

a greeting card – on tulle, perle cotton, seed beads and sequins

I trialed this process last year and created some green earrings for my bestie.

What would you create with felt balls?


2 thoughts on “to feel, feeling, felt

  1. My gosh Carina your creativity always blows me away. I wish I had a half of your amazing creativity. You never fail to inspire me, you have definitely inspired me to try felting … something I’ve been reluctant to try as I didn’t know how to work with it. Thank you my friend xx

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