Vietnamese souvenirs

My parents just came back from a wonderful trip to Vietnam. They had a great time, exploring the country, meeting wonderful people and eating local delicacies. Oh  and did some shopping. Check out these crafty souvenirs they brought back for me.

Crochet cat covered measuring tape. Pressing it’s backside retracts the tape 😉

crochet cat tape measure

Quaint quilled box. So many strips of paper rolled tightly and glued and then glued together to form this cute box. And little quilled petals, hearts and beads on the decorative lid.

quilling ring box

This was for my sister-in-law and although I suspect it was machine or laser cut I love the detail in this kirigami church card.

church kirigami


13 thoughts on “Vietnamese souvenirs

  1. I love the cat tape measure. I’ve just been on ebay and you can pick the retractable tapes up for £1. So I’m going to crochet some of my own. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Hi – I don’t suppose your parents can recall exactly where in Vietnam they found the cat tape measure? I love to know so I can find some too when I visit

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