Blog Hop – Making Luna Lapin

I can guarantee, you too will fall in love with Luna Lapin – it’s inevitable, I did. Luna Lapin is Sarah Peel’s model and she slowly morphed into a delicate and exquisitely dressed rabbit. It was a delight to receive this e-book and read Luna’s story. Luna, her story, her apparel and instructions on how to make them makes this a wonderful gift. Sara’s story telling is beautiful. Her book takes you on Luna’s journey, and through the photos and diagrams invites you to create your own ‘Luna’. With 20 projects of varying difficulty  to make, it’s a lovely book/project to work through. Here is a sneak peek at the book.

I have always had a passion for miniatures so was instantly intrigued by the structure of Luna’s shoes. I just had to make those first. I cut out the template and cut them out on white felt. Before construction I added a pale pink and blue ribbon and French knots before assembling the shoes with blanket stitch. While sewing the buttons, Luna whispered, I would love to have a nice mat to place my shoes after a long and creative day at work. So how could I say no. With the last tassel on the mat she then whispered that one of her favourite things to do after taking her shoes off was to drink milk with a stripey straw.

Here are Luna’s shoes and her special mat I made for her.



And a close up.



If you have fallen in love and can’t resist not having Luna in your life, head over here.

Grab a cuppa and go and visit these lovely creative makers and explore more of Luna adventures! Thank you for stopping by. Next on my list – the tweed bag.

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