Honouring – 3 ways

My best friend’s mother, my first crochet teacher passed away two years ago. She was a beautiful, kind and generous lady, she was the first to feed my passion for crafts, crocheting to be exact. So when my best friend gifted me a bag with these precious pieces inside, and said, “mum made these and […]

Instagram needlebook swap – part 1

The latest swap I participated in was organised by the lovely Anorina from Samelia’s Mum. You had to be part of the Instagram community and you were to gift your secret swap partner with a needle book. You were encouraged to post a collage of images to provide your partner with ideas and inspiration.  She also […]

a second life

I was drawn to this at my local ‘boot hill’ markets. The tag said $29 but when I asked, the lady said $3, sold! I wanted it for the frame only. And inside was a long and short chain! I’m not a fan of beaded/vintage-y bags so forgive me if you think this was a […]