Free magazines!

Ok, I know the title is cheeky but it’s true in a way. I have done the hard work for you [although I like to call it research, that’s what I keep telling my OH]. Come follow me on Pinterest, or at least this board and you will find free e-magazines. There is something for everybody [that’s crafty inclined], whether it’s:

paper crafts

I am sure you will love ‘flicking’ through these great little finds. Yes some are teasers but most are full editions. Yes some are in other languages but most of these are full of pictures that you can follow.

Go on, grab a cuppa and happy flicking!

And because I couldn’t post without a photo here is our little garden miracle. Our frangipani tree previously planted by the landscapers in the shade transplanted in full sun by my dad produces this little gem and an abundance of foliage. I am gonna miss you frangipani’s – till next summer.



4 thoughts on “Free magazines!

    • I love sharing inspiration and love it even more when others are inspired by it. Yes we’ll be saying good bye to our blooms as we travel into autumn but that’s ok, makes us look forward to spring.

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