Papelphilia – paper vases and a pear

I coined this word when I created my board on Pinterest – papel, Spanish for paper and philia, greek for love of. So yes am completely in love with paper and what one can create with this beautiful material, origami, paper cutting, paper making, decoupage, marbling, embossing, book binding, quilling, papier mache, parchment, calligraphy to name a few. I have tried most of these. Recently when reading this beautiful blog and this post in particular it reminded me of these paper vases we made as centrepieces for my grandmother’s surprise 90th birthday. Inspired by this book we set about to make 10 vases. The books were hardbacks the local 2nd second book store no longer wanted – apparently I did them a favour taking them of their hands. The covers and spine off we set about cut the pages to form the curves of the vase. I have found that removing some of the glue under the spine helps in forming the centre and allowing all pages to sit nicely to create the full vase.

paper vases

Sorry, the quality of the photos aren’t great but you get the idea.

paper vases 1

I often inspire my mum or my dad or both to try out what I have tried and my dad came up with this. I was going to say he cheated but no that’s not accurate, he just took a short cut, he used a saw to cut the pages. Much quicker, yep much smarter. He also cut the shape closer to the spine and then used his own glue for the ‘core’. A little paint job and branch and here is his pear.

mums pear


2 thoughts on “Papelphilia – paper vases and a pear

  1. I’ve never seen these before. They are amazing! That pear is incredible. How did he get the edges so smooth? Did he sand in down afterwards? Did he spray the colour on? Sorry about all the questions. I’m intrigued!

    • Thank you. Yes my dad often take an idea or method and fine tunes it. He used a scroll saw [I am pretty sure that is what he said]. Apparently it makes light work of intricate curves. He told me he used masking tape all around the book to ensure that the pages would not move. And yes he just used paint in a spray can at about 30cm away from the ‘pear’ – green, yellow and red. Oh and no he did not need to sand the edges, I guess the saw it that good. Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy to satisfy your intrigue.

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