I can’t believe I won

Back in April I stumbled across a competition on Instagram. A post by Brother Australia, makers of sewing machines, printers but most importantly the ScanNCut machine. The competition involved creating a piece for your craft space based on one of the 12 projects Brother had collated. I liked the look of the one.

The 3 words I live by ‘follow your bliss’ would be perfect I thought. Then as I was deciding how to embellish my banner, I couldn’t go past one of my many passions, miniatures. After many hours, of embroidering, quilling, quilting and sewing this was my creation and submission.


I will be sharing shortly a tutorial on how I made this.

In May, I received THE email. I had won. I was in complete shock. Not second prize – which was pretty awesome the ScanNCut machine, but first prize. A sewing and quilting machine, a ScanNCut machine and a make over of my creative space [including services of an interior designer and money to going on a shopping spree]. These are the before shots – somewhat embarrassing but great for comparison once you get to the end of the post. Persevere, it’s worth it – I think it is.

before 1


So then came the fun part – thinking of what would make home office/craft room my ultimate creating sanctuary. Briar asked me to create a board on Pinterest of my wish list. What I became fixated on was a library catalogue style cabinet with thousands [ok maybe not that many] of drawers. Drawers to fill with all my tools and supplies. Although it would have been special to find a pre-loved authentic cabinet I approached a local furniture store to create one. I ordered the finger pulls and made labels just like the ones in libraries many years ago.


cabinet drawer capacity

drawer finger pulls

My mini haberdashery store would take centre stage on the cabinet so the dimensions evolved from there.

window display

sewing machine and mini quilt

mini fabric bolts

knitting and yarn


front door

I also had one cupboard that needed a serious overhaul and sorting. Ikea storage boxes to the rescue. I created laminated tables to keep track what I had stored in each box – orange being tools and purple being supplies. They act as mini ‘white boards’ – that way as supplies are consumed or new tools are acquired I can quickly update my inventory

tracking idea boxes

ikea boxes

My pinboard was in desperate need for a face-lift and the gorgeous Kikki K memory board is just lovely. It dons many beautiful handmade pieces I have received from swaps I have participated in.

memory board

I also dreamed of a reading/crafting nook. I love sitting here, stitching and enjoying my view. My new armchair and cushion.


I initially suggested to Briar I would like some wall art, typography on a blank mission brown wall. Briar encouraged me to create an art piece to frame and hang. What symbolises all craft rooms I thought, a pair scissors. It’s needed for almost every craft I can think of. So following some designs/shapes research on Pinterest I was armed with a rough template. Along with fibrous paper and white cotton [very long] crocheted chain and a needle I  stitched the outline. I displayed it in a shadow box frame. I love this piece, it evolved and exceeded what I first imagined.

close up


Looking more like a home office I needed to soften and pretty up my space up. Photo frames and flowers. I stitched a crocheted mandala on pearlescent card stock and displayed it in a shadow box frame. I printed the word ‘soar’ on pearlescent cardstock. What ever you do in life, soar above the norm, the average and the expected, do better and be better.

desk art piece

crochet art

Of course, my new craft toys, my new sewing and quilting machine and the ScanNCut machine.


I had so much fun, dreaming up a wish list, purchasing the items on the wish list and putting it together. I love my new room. I craft much more and although I make the same mess as before it is sorted in no time as everything has it’s place.


overall 1


I hope I have inspired you to enter a competition – you can win – I did.


5 thoughts on “I can’t believe I won

  1. What a fabulous prize! You must be totally thrilled with your newly designed room. I love the run of drawers you had made, it’s full of character and stops the room looking too officey. The chair is the perfect vantage point from which to sit back and admire the makeover. Congratulations!

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