SIC – 10th month

A reminder here why I am doing this, and the 2nd3rd4th5th6th7th 8th and 9th challenges if you are interested.

This font and colour combo caught my eye.

BHG hello

My hubby’s friend had a little boy so I decided to make a ‘hello welcome little one’ card. Some burgundy stitching and teal ribbon. Ok the white baby ribbon is upside down but to me it had to be positioned that way.  Curved corner punch softens the overall look. You can see the fork card stand being used as a prop – another idea from Pinterest that I just had to try. In search for a fancier fork but it does the trick for photo shoots.

hello welcome little one

Ok this Indian accompaniment gave me the idea for a treat for my little man.

BHG bananas

Dessicated coconut, toasted sesame seeds and a little sugar coated banana slices, he loved them!

coconut bananas


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