tutorial – ‘pallet’ box

A couple of months ago I made a quilling card for a friend’s wedding. Here is a reminder of the card [and of how I wrapped the boxed card]. In addition to being pretty they are fragile cards. So I decided to make a box to protect the card, I call it my pallet box. It’s easy and super quick Here are the steps to make the pallet box:

1. Cut 2 pieces of chipboard 2.5 cm [1 inch] wider and longer than the card itself [2 x main panel]. Cut strips [6-8] of chipboard 0.5 cm [1/2 inch] wide by the length of the main panel.

step 1

2. Glue [PVA glue] the strips of chipboard on the edge of the main panel as shown, building up the strips.

step 2

3. Repeat on opposite side.

4. Place but do not glue the top panel and insert card [I applied a little pressure with my embroidery floss box]. This will give you an indication if you have sufficient space to slide card or need to build the sides more – in my case as shown I added one further strip [total of 4 on each side].

step 4

step 4 b

5. Once the desired depth is achieved glue the top panel and clamp with alligator clips.

step 5


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