Instagram needlebook swap – part 1

The latest swap I participated in was organised by the lovely Anorina from Samelia’s Mum. You had to be part of the Instagram community and you were to gift your secret swap partner with a needle book. You were encouraged to post a collage of images to provide your partner with ideas and inspiration.  She also mentioned she had a Pinterest account so I was able to stalk her boards and gauge her interests [smocking amongst others]. This is what my partner posted.


After ‘researching’ ideas I was keen to include the weave technique – somehow. It then struck me to make a book in the shape of an ironing board – the weave would be the ironing board ‘cover’. I combined reds/burgundy’s and neutrals, cut, ironed and weaved strips of fabric. I included pockets for buttons, scissors and felt pages for needles. I also include a magnet which would catch pins mid-stitching.


inside needlebook

the middle panel is a magnet – I painted Faye’s instagram handle @mysewbusylife

inside needle book 1

I bought a miniature iron at the recent Miniature and Dolls’ House Show which I knew I was going to add to my needle book to secure it closed. I created the cord with a macrame knot,miniature iron

I made a few extras:

a mug rug, with a [hexie] spot for the cup and one for the cake

mug rug

a miniature smocked dress

smocked dress

a felt bird

felt bird

and my signature [yellow owl] notecards with upcycled [yellow flower themed] envelopes.


and purchased a few extra:


chocolate cookbook

cross stitch kit

Here is the complete package – it evolved to shades reds, oranges and yellows. I recycled sewing patterns to wrap the goodies.



I heard back – that Faye loved my little package.

Stay tuned my next post – I will share what I received from my talented and very generous partner.


5 thoughts on “Instagram needlebook swap – part 1

  1. Wow! What a swap! I simply love all the things you have made! I can’t even choose a favourite. Maybe the little smocked dress and the woven needlebook. It looks like you have really enjoyed putting this lot together.

    • Thanks Lucie – I sure did enjoy this swap. Yes the dress is a favourite and am quite happy that the picture of the ‘ironing board’ in my head evolved how I imagined. Thanks for your sweet comment.

  2. What an amazing collection of goodies you’ve dreamed up! Sometimes I think I’m really missing out not being on Instagram, but I can’t cope with any more social media sites:)

    • I know, I know but I love instagram. I have a great story about IG which I should blog about but essentially I recently met and went out to lunch with a bunch of ladies I met through IG. All so lovely and all share a comment interest. It’s as if we had been friends for years.

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