a special little man turns one

We are off to a first birthday on Sunday. And this invitation inspired me to upcycle and recycle.


You may recall this post – I had an idea to combine these words with a tie. These instructions are for a 13 x 18 cm [5 in x 7 in] shadow box frame that I had. You can adjust the tie size and card stock to suit your frame.

Cut a 15cm [6in] and 7cm [3 in] piece the thin end of a pre-loved tie.

Sew the edges at the top of the 15 cm piece together.

step 1

Sew 1cm  of the ends of the 7cm piece together creating a ‘tube’.

step 2

Insert the top of the 15cm piece  through the ‘tube’ just created and sew in place on both sides.

step 3

Sew top closed.

step 4

Print the words to live by onto card stock. I would suggest printing on scrap paper until you are happy that it fills the space correctly.

Trim card stock to fit in frame. Stick the tie with double sided tape.

step 5

Frame your art.

framed words to live by

The link provides a pdf of the ‘words to live by’ – if you would like to make this but need it to be re-sized leave your email address and I can send you the word version.


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