Coffee shop in a tea pot

A pictorial post to show case some of the very talented miniature artists. These were on display at the 26th Sydney Miniatures and Dolls’ House Fair over the weekend.


The kettle inside the teapot! Gingham tablecloths and triangle sandwiches…

garbage bin

When taking a photo of the rubbish bin is justified.

1970s lounge

Circa 1970. Wallpaper and shagpile rug spot on.


Iconic orange kitchen bench tops. Light fittings. Beaded door curtain.

front porch 1

The key, skipping rope, tea cosies and fly screen door.

front porch

That lead light glass.

garden shed

The cutest crochet hat and gnome.


Door paint detail. Chicken droppings.


Brown paper bags and  tomatoes.


Kitchen Aid. Twinings tea tin.

pot oasis

Proof – anything can be turned into a ‘room box’ – a little garden oasis.

Queenlander 1

An entire block of Queenslanders. Emergency vehicles as wedding cars – hope the bride and groom are ok?


Neighbourhood dispute.

witches den

Spell book and skulls.


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