just like children, I love them equally

So you may recall the competition I entered and won last year, and the amazing prizes. A brand new Brother NV1800Q amongst the winnings. I do love her.

But Christmas last year I received an envelope. A letter [the original in Spanish below] with this story.

This is my life story. My country of birth Great Britain, I was born on 20 May 1946, my family consists of 30,000 sisters of excellent reputation and we were certified ED 77514 8. We migrated to different countries. My group was destined for Australia we were placed in different locations and so it was there that we became famous and wanted. So it was destined I wait for a while until someone was interested in me and took me home and there I was to  start a new beginning in my life and be part of another family. I felt at home rather quickly and they gave me love and cared for me, logically I had to work and thus took years, until one day they left me abandoned. I was too old and my presence had deteriorated and because of my age I worked slowly. After a period of neglect in a corner, they decided to take me to the markets where I was bound to be acquired by another person. I had no success as several people looked at me with pity for my poor state, asking questions about my life, no doubt I was too old and no one was interested. Finally after many hours of waiting, a good Samaritan looked at me with a desire to take me in, and so I had a new home, I spent a few months there, they were interested in changing my image, over a few weeks I was glad to see my changed appearance and looked very presentable. I was happy knowing that I would spend the rest of my life there but this was not the objective, but it was to be gifted to the person who asked questions at the markets. The person that  left without considering that while I cannot work I could be a part of her home and as such be proud to show me off to her visitors. My name is Singer ED 775148.

The original piece in Spanish – as written by my mum.

La historia de mi vida. Nuestro pais de nacimiento Gran Bretania el dia 20/05/1946 mi familia se compone de 30.000 hermanas de excelente reputacion y nuestro prestegio nos certificaron ED 775148. Emigramos en distintos paises , mi grupo fue destinado Australia en el que nos ubicaron en distintos lugares y asi fue que fuimos famosas y muy requeridas, estuve de muestra por un tiempo hasta que alguien se intereso por mi y me llevo a su casa y alli fue un nuevo comienzo en mi vida y parte de otra familia, me senti bien rapidamente ya que me brindaron respecto y cuidaron de mi, logicamente debia trabajar y de esta manera pasaron años, hasta que un buen dia me dejaron abandonada ya estaba muy mayor y mi presencia se habia deteriorado y debido a mi edad trabaja lentamente. Despues de un tiempo de abandono en un rincon, decidieron llevarme a una exhibicion donde tal vez fuera adquirida por otra persona, no tenia suceso ya que varias personas me miraron con compasion por mi estado deteriorado hacian preguntas respecto a mi vida, sin dudas ya era muy viejita y nadie mostro interes. Al fin despues de muchas horas de espera, una buena samaritana memiraba con deseos de llevarme, y asi fue nuevo domicilio, pasaron unos meses se interesaron por cambiar mi imagen, con el correr de unas semanas me alegro verme cambiada y lucia muy presentable, me ilusione de saber que alli pasaria el resto de mi vida pero no era ese el objectivo, sino que iba a ser el regalo de quien me miro hizo preguntas en la exhibicion pero se fue sin tener en cuenta que si bien ya no puedo trabajar voy a ser parte de su casa y tal vez orgullosa de mostrarme a sus visitas…..Gracias mi nombre es Singer ED 775148.

So the person who made the enquiry at the markets was me. I did ask and eventually walked away. Little did I know my parents returned that afternoon, bought her, took her home, restored her with the intent to gift her to me. My dad did an amazing job in giving her a new lease of life.




The model # + google – provided my mum with the facts to write the ‘life story’.


This decorative plate is just gorgeous.


What a lovely discovery – a full bobbin. What was the previous owner making …


The cover was in a very poor condition – unfortunately I don’t have a before shot.


I couldn’t help taking this shot – I received this toy machine about 30 years ago. I decided to google this model number and it is circa 1960.


The logo shows the Singer boat shuttle, crossed needles, spool and thread.


So although one child has 290 stitches and one sits simply showing her beauty I love them equally.


6 thoughts on “just like children, I love them equally

  1. What a lovely story – lucky you! I’ve used the old shuttles on my Gran’s machine years ago. Not sure if I’d even remember how to fill it now. She sure is a beauty:)

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