a second life

I was drawn to this at my local ‘boot hill’ markets. The tag said $29 but when I asked, the lady said $3, sold! I wanted it for the frame only. And inside was a long and short chain!

before shot_purse frame

I’m not a fan of beaded/vintage-y bags so forgive me if you think this was a great find but I quickly unpicked the beads and lining. Keeping the beads for another project [yet to be determined].

I have been inspired by so many pouches and bags on pinterest and my love of hexies continues so I decided to make some hexies from my Japanese fabric stash bag I bought at the craft show last year. I also bought this fabric in India – again I buy things simply by loving the look and then figuring out the project. It may be difficult to see from the photos but it is suiting fabric. Actually the lining was also made from a sari fabric kit I bought in Malaysia.indian fabric


I was really inspired by modernhandcraft on instagram– and how she used her hexies on her quilts. I therefore decided to machine sew the hexies onto the bag. I positioned the colours so that it could either as a red/burgundy accessory or a blue/green one.

hexie bag collage

This was gifted to my mum for Christmas and I have a second batch of hexies ready for mine. I am really happy with how it turned out and am eager to make mine but a few other more pressing projects have jumped the queue 😉

red final

red bottom

blue final

bottom blue


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