SIC – 3rd month

My challenge continues and am happy I am still ‘into’ it. You can check out 1st and 2nd months creations. Well a sub challenge this month – nothing sweet [cause that would be easy for me – I much prefer baking]. It was kinda of easy to pick too because I have been wanting to make these for ages.

…pot stickers, gyozas, dumplings….


What ever you call them they are little parcels of mince that burst with flavour. So again modified, cause I do that best, made them with chicken mince and added garlic chives and water chestnuts amongst the usual. Dipped in soy – they were yummy.


My card challenge hit three birds with one stone. BHG challenge – tick. Wanting to try out kirigami – tick. Fisher Ghost competition – tick.

So this is what inspired me. I thought I could reprodcue a pattern [the blue rosette under ‘rental’ or the white one painted on the coffee table] using my punches.


So in order from the centre out – my circle punch, balloon, apple cut in half, teddy bear cut in half, flower and tiny circle. The outside result…


My good friends brought me back this and so I wanted to try out kirigami. So after searching for templates on the net for so long I decided to make my own following the general templates rules of where to cut, and score and fold. I printed off ‘best wishes’ from the computer and cut away. Here is the inside result….


I was pretty happy with the result so I decided to submit the card along with my pouch for judging at the Fisher Ghost Festival craft competition.


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