My last post on Christmas gifts. For 2013 gifts anyway. I had purchased a cute all glass teapot and 2 varieties of tea for a good friend of mine but wanted to make a little something too. I was inspired by the recent teapot holder I made and was ‘researching’ pinterest for some inspiration. This really caught my eye and I think it’s absolutely gorgeous but I was keen to come up with my own idea/design. What do they say, sometimes inspiration is right in front of you… well it was. Tea pot, tea leaves…. a tea bag of course! It was perfect as I had this stash that I could use. I had made these little bundles as gifts years ago and I happened to keep one for myself 😉

Material Bundles

I positioned the fabric so that the colours resembled the darkened infused tea leaves and the white paper of the tea bag. I used my Taiwanese linen fabric [oranges and lemons and letters] for the backing and crocheted a chain to attach the tag to the tea bag. My friend and her hubby were happy with their gift and they were also the recipients of my award winning card – as it was them that inspired my curiosity for kirigami.

teabag teapot holder 2

teabag teapot holder


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