Put to use straight away…

So a little update on the bunny rug I made for Zara. Her mum put the bunny rug to use straight away and here she is sleeping, the sweet little darling.


And here is the card that accompanied the rug. Another display card with a baby hat, made from the same crochet yarn I used for edging and lettering. I stitched the little hat to the pink background paper – so easily removable. Mum had plans to sew it to the bunny rug :).


7 thoughts on “Put to use straight away…

    • Thank you for your sweet words Golda and for stopping by. I am like you, my card reflects the recipient. I don’t have one or two styles that I follow – they are all different. Best wishes, Carina

  1. Zara’s mum loves it. It is another very special hand made gift from Carina. What a talented and wonderful friend. I love you. Thanks. Xxxxx

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