Crocheted Creations – comfy cushions

I have seen some big granny square creations lately in the blogosphere and it reminded me of these tiny granny squares [GS] I created to make this cushion. Well the sage green and ecru one anyway. I didn’t want to see any of the corner in the typical GS so I just increased the stitch length to create the corner. They were quick to make but to saw them all together took time. I had purchased some linen napkins when my BFF and I did our first markets. So I used them to make the cushions and then sewed the GS to the front.


This cushion originally was supposed to be one of those beautiful crocheted baskets you see in magazines, well obviously I used the wrong yarn. Not too worry my first cushion needed a buddy so I created one big [well not that big but in comparison to my first cushion] GS. Again I didn’t want to see the corners so I increased the stitch length at the corners.


How have you managed to manipulate or personalise the traditional granny square?


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