Black is black….

Well I gave myself a little blog break this week and really should be doing work right now but I finished this little project a couple of weeks ago and have been wanting to post it for sometime. So I guess it starts that both my husband and I are relatively short, so it seems I am forever taking up hems. That’s ok, I don’t mind but I did start collecting these and thought, I will use them one day. Never had a plan or project in mind.


Then I discovered hexies through Pinterest and the blogs I follow – where had they been all my life? Oh my – they are delightful aren’t they. I think so. Well because I just had to give this new discovery a go and didn’t want to ruin gorgeous material with my trial I thought the hems might do. Now I know that hexies are gorgeous in their bright tones, and pretty motifs but I truly didn’t know how it was going to pan out so the hems were sacrificed [not much of a sacrifice I know]. I came across this lovely post and I did try this way to finish it off but whether my machine was temperamental or the wadding was wrong I had to resort to hand stitching the backing. So here is the final piece. What do you think?

2013-06-025 (3)

I couldn’t resist and I usually work with bright colours so I added a splash of orange as the backing. Again a stash I had a bit off and didn’t know what to use it for. It has these dark grey Asian characters which complimented another final touch I added to my table runner – shashiko. Shashiko is the Japanese quilting technique of a running stitch to add definition. I love the effect, I didn’t go overboard as the hexies are the main attraction in my piece but will definitely be trying more Shashiko in the future.

2013-06-024 (3)

I have another hexie project in mind already. Next time beautiful colours, not so many hexies, forming a flower and a mixture of  crafts too. Stay tuned. Have a lovely weekend.


5 thoughts on “Black is black….

  1. Never tried hexies yet, but I love how you used up all the jeans legs like this. Also never heard of shashiko either, and never even knew I was doing it! 😆

    • Thanks. Yes I love finding purpose for old things. They were actually trousers and denim might be a little harder to work with but would look fabulous in all shades of blue. Yes don’t you just love learning about crafts, especially if you have already being doing it ;), google shashiko images and you will pleasantly surprised at this gorgeous quilting/embroidery.

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