Miniature Monday – Manyana Mini

Ok, yes, I am guilty I have neglected my ‘miniature Monday’ posts of late but  I have something special to share with you. My parent’s were invited to stay in their friend’s sons beach holiday home a couple of months back. They had a wonderful time and loved the home they were welcomed in. Manyana is a small town on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia in the Shoalhaven. Manyana is approx 200 km south of Sydney. My dad took several photos and on his return set out to replicate the home in miniature. I have not seen the real home but my mum attests it’s identical.

manyana front 1

The front of the house. Steps, rocks, garden bed, porch and front door.


A view of the side of the house – including electrical box.

wheelie bins

My favourite – the wheelie bins and [skewers] Venetian blinds.


The other side of the home – and the ‘metal’ gates.

basketball ring

This is the back of the two-storey house – basketball ring and all.

manyana front

And another one of the front – painted styrofoam in the very forefront resembling exposed earth.


4 thoughts on “Miniature Monday – Manyana Mini

    • Yes Sheila we were looking for a white back drop and my dad remembered these – he painted these too and has them as back drop for his miniature MacDonalds, Jungry Jacks, Pizza Hut etc.

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