Cliche but true – Cute as a button

Do you share my weaknesses? ‘Researching’ Pinterest/social media and adding to the many pins ‘you plan to try one day’? Or wanting to rescue ‘unwanted’ sewing notions from op shops. After seeing an idea on social media I traced it back to the artist, aren’t these trees gorgeous? I knew I wanted try these eventually.

And after a trip to the local op-shop, I encountered 6 bags of buttons. I couldn’t rescue all 6 so I choose 2. Yield, $2. Amongst the buttons was sewing threads, snaps and belt buckles.

After sorting, discarding and cutting threads off buttons, I soaked the buttons in Napisan [stain remover and whitening powder], scrubbed them with an old toothbrush and soaked them once more. What a difference that made!

Yield, 560 grams of reclaimed buttons. Left out to dry.

Then came the sorting, into colours. This rainbow with my favourites.

Pinks. Doesn’t the bottom right look like a ‘Mentos’?




Whites. Off whites.

My absolute favourite.

And then grouping them by size to see if I could make trees/tree shapes. I did add a few from my previous stash but not many and came up with a rainbow of trees. Although it seems white, creams, blacks, browns and oranges are more common. In matching perle cotton I joined the buttons to create the tree decorations. Some had bases. Some were skinny. Some were the perfect tree shape. Yield, 25 trees. I love each one – as they all different and quirky. Each one deserved it’s own close up shot.

The rose star!

The ‘star’ looks like a quilled button – what a treat for the papercrafter in me.



Love the vintage cracks and all.




I hung/stuck these on the kitchen/breakfast bar.

And added a few as gift toppers alongside my fabric stars.


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