Why are old things so charming?

A trip to Quongdong Cottage in Campbelltown during the school holidays opened up a world of historical houses around the area. Quondong is now the Visitor Information Centre and has information on local attractions and events. The Centre also features a heritage rose garden and a replica school room. More information about the historical site here. It is here I picked up a leaflet on, Camden Museum.

The next day, with junior and my mum in tow we set off to find the museum. We first stumbled across the Alan Baker art gallery, the historic Macaria building is stunning. There is something magical about Alan Baker’s paint crusted tool case. Add this stop when you visit Camden.

Then onto the museum through the current library. What a treat this hidden treasure is! You are welcomed with gem after gem everywhere you looked. Some items left you wandering what it was used for, others were memories of one’s childhood. The items however were labelled with detailed information. Here’s a collection of what caught my eye.

For the children

a pram

dollhouse furniture and books

scooter from yesteryear – that red tin car!

In the sewing room


one of my favourites – spools caddy and pin cushion

circa 1951

wooden spinning wheel – circa 1917

darning mushrooms, pin cushion, toy sewing machine


 I remember some of these

typewriters, counting machines, stamp caddy, telescope

In the kitchen

milk bottles, milk cartons, tools on the far right

my mum remembers these pastel green cured meats boxes, kettles, milk urn, lanterns

In the laundry

wringing clothes by hand



a well kept clothes wringer

I’ll let the label do the talking


lawn bowls case

Entertainment and travel

music, music, music

if those initials, stickers could talk

medical instruments far right


prescription books

20/20 vision

If you are ever in the area I cannot recommend this wonderful museum enough. I’ll be going again – guaranteed to discover more wonderful snippets of history. There are many more historic sites in Camden, op shopping and some great cafes too.


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