WOW WIW [walk-in wardrobe]

This Christmas gift was 6 months in the making. And is not quite finished either. But the 25th December deadline insisted I deliver this labour of love. Who would be worthy of 6 months of my craft time – my miniatures loving parents. I created this fairy-tale walk in wardrobe for them.

Let me walk [pardon the pun] you through the steps of my creation.

It first started with those crocheted hangers the ones Grandma used to make. The plan to replicate the crocheted hanger in miniature. I used paper clips and DMC perle cotton for a collection of pastel hangers.

Then some delicate fabric and lace covered hangers. The fabric covers were machine sewn. The hangers were made with cardboard to provide the shape and support. And beads added as a decorative touch [see white dress photo].

A couple of years back I was fortunate to participate in Sarah Peel’s Luna Lapin blog hop. Flipping through the wonderful templates I was drawn to the cape. I reduced the template size and created 2 lined capes.

More clothes for the wardrobe meant some dresses. First up, crocheted bodice with full linen skirt. Seed bead as a button and ribbon tie. The linen skirt I was up-cycling had this brown trim which was perfect for mini dress.

The second dress I attempted was one I had seen in a book where the front panel is actually one piece and the side is gathered and sewn at the waistline. The hem was created with a machine stitch and the fabric trimmed as closely as possible to the edge of the stitch. It has raw edges [neckline and armholes] but in my next attempt I would try and finish these off with more finesse [note the coat-hangers]..


Between the hangers and the dress there seemed to be enough crochet – knitting was the next miniature challenge. A cardigan. I found a pattern on Pinterest and created this little double-breasted cardy. Star buttons were the perfect size.

A chance exchange during my son’s kindy gym session had me swapping crochet patterns with another mum and I received a pattern for Solomon’s knot scarf – but of course my first try at this was in miniature.

As I delved into the accessories and away from the clothing I thought I would make the little lady a hand quilted hand bag from floral ribbon I’d purchase in Spain. Sequin and seed button and crochet  to close the sides and for the strap.

On to the clothes rack. This was fun to create. I drew a rough diagram. Measured and cut the balsa wood, craft rod and foam board. Glued all pieces together to create the rack.

With the majority of the items made I set about to create the room. I purchased I photo frame from the op shop. It had to be right size, for both the floor size and skirting. I pulled the apart for the base to become the floor and the 2 sides of the frame the skirting.

I needed a little help from my dad – so I had to say a little white lie when I asked my dad to make me the room box – all I had requested was two walls at right angles attached to the floor and 2 mitred skirting pieces . Nothing else. So my dad thought I was making this for my bestie so he offered a window frame and door. I accepted but had to insist I was still working out what I would do for the floor. I had definite plans for the floor but could not divulge.

The walls, floor, window frame and door were ready for finishing touches. The window frame and door were painted gloss white after light sanding. And the walls a ‘praline sweet’ shade – the sample bottle and mini roller was perfect for the application.

Next the floor – definitely wooden. Floor boards – perhaps? Parquetry – mmmm? Modern parquetry – yes!! After some ‘research’ on Pinterest I decided on a hexagon format with trapezoidal tiles. Hand cutting tiles from jumbo pop sticks – 120 in total took some time but I had a good feeling on the outcome. Edges were sanded, laid, glued and sanded again.

And then varnished. And skirtings too.

My next challenge – venetian blinds.  Coffee stirrers, quilling paper and cotton used to create the blinds for the window. And balsa wood for the pelmet. Ice-cream sticks and a make-up case mirror for the wall mirror. I designed them as I went along.

The walk-in wardrobe needed a comfy chair for the little lady to put on her stockings and shoes. Inspired by my own chair in my craft room [photo below] I set about to make miniature furniture. My first attempt was looking like a failure – so I simplified my approach and created this. An upholstered chair, I made this from cardboard, sponge foam, balsa wood and fabric. It’s suit fabric from India. It’s perfect for mini upholstery.

Just a couple more crochet pieces – I warm floor rug for her feet

And a raffia hat for the sunny days.

I do want to add some more items to the walls and perhaps add a dress or too. I will be sure to share those once finished.


One thought on “WOW WIW [walk-in wardrobe]

  1. Oh wow, this has turned out brilliantly! I remember you saying how your dad helped out with the window and door, oblivious to the fact that it was for him. I love all the attention to detail, the whole thing is a triumph!

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