You’ll never loose your keys again! [free bag organiser instructions]

We are all guilty, the hand bag is a fashion statement, or it must match the outfit or shoes. So it’s functionality is sometimes overruled by it’s statement. Regardless of which handbag you choose, this bag organiser will make finding that pen to jot something down or finding the lippy before you step out, a breeze. It folds or rolls up as compactly as you need it. A compartment for everything!

I designed this bag organiser for Handmade magazine [using the lovely Leutenegger’s Sketchbook range] who have published the instructions on their website. You may need to sign up to receive their newsletters and offers but it’s worth it as you will have access to many other instructions.

Click here, to go straight to the instructions, if you are already  a member or once you have signed up. Let me know if you have a go at making this and how it has saved you time 😉


2 thoughts on “You’ll never loose your keys again! [free bag organiser instructions]

  1. Thanks Sheila – yes it is. You might not be able to see the detail but there are possums on overhead wires. I created a table runner with the same fabric which will be featured in a upcoming issue.

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