What can you see?

This is part 3 of my 5 part creative and inspirational photography series. I wrote about doors here and mosaics/tiles here.

Today’s post is a mixed collection of photos. I found inspiration in:

a. shop fronts

these giant balls of wool look good enough to play with

this crocheted window dressing was adorable – love the percolator

the balls on the those giant pins!

that’s a lot of wine 😉

b. craft shops

cute little shop in Cordoba, Spain

I fell in love with the tiny floral ribbons in row #2 from the top

paper bliss

love the shop name – to create and decorate!

c. almost anywhere

these string art adorn building facades in ‘La Rambla’ Barcelona

Floral circular panels

shells, rosettes, egg shape

I see the figure 8, quilling, hexies 😉

the iconic rooster in Portugal – paper maiche tin style

painted ceramic in Toledo, Spain

florals and embroidery in this stylish cushion in a Florence shop window

Keep looking. Keep recording. There is inspiration everywhere.


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