Door knock appeal

No this post is not about charity collectors but rather the appeal of the details in doors, doorknockers, windows, mosaics. Have you ever put together a photo-book? You know the drill, upload photos onto an online photo book platform, select automatic or manual placement and add journaling/embellishments. I think I created over a dozen books now, our trips, son’s birthday, building our house. The most recent photo book was epic. In terms of the volume of photos and details, our European holiday. In fact, I received notification today that it is ready for pick-up. Can’t wait to see it after the endless hours I spent culling/sorting/deleting photos. During the process, I realised I would have to create a separate photo book with all the creative inspiration photos I took as they wouldn’t fit in the 100 page book! In addition to the typical holiday snaps I took photos of doors, windows, antiques, patterns, mosaics. Here is the first installment of my creative inspiration photos – doors, doorknockers and windows. Taken in Spain, Portugal and Italy.



Windows and Door


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