Fabric, fishing and flowers – in miniature of course!

I am currently going through another miniature wave as I explore furniture making and the world of balsa wood and popsicle sticks! More on that in future posts.

On Saturday I attended the 28th Sydney Miniatures and Dolls’ House Fair at Sydney Olympic Park. Here are some of the items that caught my eye. Hope you enjoy the detail as much as I did. Can you spot the…..

…toilet brush and gold rimmed brush holder.

…. the kitty on HIS bed.

…. the distillation apparatus.

…. the test tubes and rack.

….the broken post.

… the moss on the steps.

… the moss on the brick wall.

…. the fish, catch of the day.

… the fishing rods.

….fishing net weights.

…. the hanging planter basket.

…the lucky bamboo plant.

… the hinges on the window shutters.

….the origami crane!

….. the sewing pattern.

…. the green tote.

….. the coral needlework on the wall.

….. the crochet throw.

… the coathangers and teal beanie.

…. the hexie EPP quilt on the wall.

…. the rolls of ribbon.

…. the Champagne flute.

Love the details of these….

2 thoughts on “Fabric, fishing and flowers – in miniature of course!

  1. The detail in all these is exquisite, but that knitted tea cosy in the last photo is mind blowing! It took a while but I think I managed to spot everything you pointed out:)

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