The Creative Exchange – part 2

So today I want to share what I sent my recipient as part of The Creative Exchange – read here for the background to the exchange and as promised a little treat. My first ‘downloadable’ and a quick tutorial on how to make one of the items included in my package. My recipient is an illustrator, enjoys making fabric dolls and had posted a fabulous origami display on her Instagram feed.  So this is the package I sent her, some fabric, trims and buttons for her dollmaking, some origami paper to encourage to make her own origami display and a few treats for herself.


And this is how I wrapped all her goodies.


I used brown paper. I wet lines on the white paper to tear them into strips, punched copper pearlescent card and wrapped with copper and gun metal grey yarn.

I love the copper and gun metal colour combination, do you?


So I started to think how I could package the tiniest and cutest little buttons. Tea bags. I’ll make tea bags and separate the buttons by colour. I had the cutest little button brads which were perfect as closures.




I loved this packaging idea that I thought you might too. So I created my first downloadable temple and tutorial. Click template to download and print the template.


You will need:

paper for the tea bag – I used vellum in both cases, you may wish to have opaque paper so the goodies are hidden



staples and stapler

PVA glue


Using the template cut out the bag and tag. There are 2 options for the flap – one short [which I used the brads to secure] or the longer flap [I used the sicker to secure the bag].


Fold in the sides, base, flap and tag – dotted lines on template.


Staple the twine between the tag and to middle of the bag as shown.


Place a small amount of glue on the sides and stick sides together.



Crease the sides inwards half way down to create bag. It will also be easier to fold the flap over.


Secure the flap with either a brad or sticker. You could also use washi tape to secure the flap or even decorate the bag.



Enlarge to make bigger tea bags or a size perfect for your gift.

I would love to see your tea bags.


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