Miniature Monday – hexie to quilt

As part of the #igneedlebookswap I received a lovely solitary hexie – it was the cutest. I asked my lovely Instagram community for any ideas and my lovely Instagram friend, Margaret, suggested I turn it into a miniature quilt. Perfect, that’s what I’ll make, a miniature quilt, so I can hang on the wall of my haberdashery shop. I drew some pieces, rectangles and corners, cut out pieces of paper and using the EPP method, created EPP so that I could ‘complete’ the quilt with the hexie as the main focal point. After sewing all the EPP pieces together I machine sewed the 6mm [1/4 inch] bias binding. I then finished the binding by hand and also added further focus on the hexie by accenting it with a running stitch. My father had made me some miniature coat hangers many years ago so this was perfect to hang my quilt on the back wall of the store.

hexie quilt close up

hexie quilt


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