ATC swap – home sweet home theme

I recently participated in a swap which presented a couple of firsts for me – my first ATC and first overseas recipient. I was tempted after reading a post on a lovely blog I follow, Very Berry Handmade. What is an ATC – read this great summary. Sure, why not I thought. The theme was ‘home sweet home’. So I thought about it for a week or so, and it dawned on me, nothing says home more to me than my own bed. So I set about trying to create a bed scene. I chose my fabrics from my stash, one for the sheets, top, bottom, one for the quilt and matching pillow and also one to create some wall art. I cut, sewed and glue the tiny bits of fabric, to form the bed, quilt cover, wall art and pillows. I added a ‘frilly’ trim to the pillows with a some crochet. I didn’t have a matching baby blue cotton for the frill so I used blue fabric paint to tint the cotton. I had 2 transparent buttons which I wanted to turn into bed side lamps. I painted the back with nail polish to give it a coloured backing and then sewed this and a gold bead – the ‘light bulb’ to the ‘bedroom wall’. On the ‘bedroom wall’ I ‘hung’ Japanese inspired tri-panel wall art. Here is my ATC.


Last week I received a lovely thank you card all the way from the UK from my recipient – she liked it! 🙂


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