A fair facade?

I took this photo several months ago, with the plan to replicate the facade onto a card, a ‘congratulations on your new home’ card. OK, the home owners have been living there awhile [but less than a year] but I was still determined to create this idea I had in my head.house for congratulations card

So along with shimmering paper, cardstock, vellum and some fibrous paper I started cutting panels, window holes, scoring roof tiles and garden bushes.

In Picassa I applied the pencil effect to the photo and then cut and pasted the image into a word document. Re-sizing the image to what would be the final size on the card. I then cut pasted that image another 5 times – so I had a total of six identical pencil images to cut templates from. This made it easier to see the definition of the panels and also helped when mounting the cut outs onto my card. I cut templates with a scalpel from the paper first. I was also able to eliminate the blue car and continue the fence line. I then glued them in reverse onto the cardstock or paper and cut out the different pieces of the facade. I can compare this to the effect of 3D decoupage/paper tole craft. I used the photo as a guide when layering the different pieces, where they had to be placed and what was recessed or raised. I used foam tape to provide the 3D effect and built each layer up by one. I used silver gel pen and black felt tip pens to add TV aerial, street light, gutters, external lights and window panes.

congratulations on your new home card

So what do you think, is it a fair replication of their house facade?


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