SIC – 13th month

I completed my challenge – ok, this last month and issue took a little longer than usual. Yes, Better Homes and Garden magazine has 13 issues in a year. This issue had a great bread feature and I wanted to have a go at the lavash bread. The recipe looked easy enough.


And it was. I sprinkled dukkah on 2 of them and sesame seeds on the other 2. Shared them with friends along with some tzatziki.

lavash my version

This garden floral wire art caught my eye straight away.

wire floralart

My immediate thought was to replicate in the crochet form. I didn’t perservere once it failed. I am sure I could have come up with a way to recreate these gorgeous petals but then my mind turned to quilling this flower. Am so glad my crochet attempt was a flop and am so happy with how my quilling creation turned out. I gave this card to my dear friend who appreciates all my creations. I took photos along the way so I will be back with a tutorial for  this flower.

quilling flower


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