The cutest packaging

We went to meet our newest  grand niece today – Allegra. We bought her this cute little Kaftan dress.

kaftan dress

And I made this flower brooch that would look ultra cute on the dress.

crocheted flower

Baby = freshness, so the milk carton I’d been wanting to make was perfect. I used very pretty Bazzill Basics paper, the Martha Stewart scoring board, followed this template I found Pinterest, glued the side and top and punched a hole to attach the tag. The bracket tag was black cardstock to create the chalk board effect. White pen came in handy. I punched 3 holes  in the tag – 1 to tie the ribbon to the carton and the other 2 to secure the crocheted flower I made.

I simply sealed the bottom of the carton with a sticker.

milk carton wrapping

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