Miniature Art Piece

Here is a card I made which is displayed on an easel. I made another easel card previously. I got the idea from Australian Papercrafts Magazine [many many years ago]. This one I made for my mum. The easel is made from mat board off cuts – this one happened to be green. The ‘hinges and nails’ on the easel are brads. I made the topiary bush/cluster from gathered organza ribbon and beads for the centres. A chain stitched trunk. And a pot made from air drying clay – pierced with holes to turn it into a button and painted to resemble a terracotta pot. The backing was calico and this was stretched onto chipboard and secured with tape. The ‘art piece’ was then framed with a miniature double mat board.

easel card

The message was written on the back of the art piece.



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