At least my friend is partly ready for Christmas

So my friend gave  me a bunch of card stock. She said, I’m sure you’ll put it to good use. She had a surplus from the supplies she purchased to make her wedding invitations. Of course, card stock equals hand made cards. I had 13 sheets of red and 6 sheets of textured pearlescent cream.


I decided to make a batch of Christmas cards and a batch of ‘any occasion’ cards. Plan was to make these and return them to my friend for her to use.

The ‘any occasion’ batch was made with printed [Best wishes] up-cycled dictionary pages and sewn [creative memories punch] dragon flies. I fed the dictionary pages [stuck on a scrap piece of normal sized paper] through my printed using the free font ‘satisfaction’ – love this font. I wanted to come up with a design that could be used for male, female, birthday, congratulations, bon voyage anything really. I think next  time I would use the sentiment ‘thinking of you’.

best wishes card

best wishes collage

The Christmas batch consisted of a little wreath of textured leaves. Some mounted with foam tape. Little tiny red bows made using a fork [tutorial on Pinterest, of course] and joy stamped with black ink. I used my alphabet stamp and taped the 3 letters  together for quick stamping.

joy card

joy card collage

I wrapped them into cute little packages, cellophane, coloured twine and stickers.

Christmas card pack

any occasion card pack


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