Hessian Tote Bags

I have always known it as hessian. I found it strange that I have only recently in the last year or so become aware of it’s other name, burlap. Did I not notice it or has it only just become really popular? Well these 2 lovely bags were made by my aunt. She is seamstress and has been sewing all her life. I was very fortunate that she and my late uncle made the long trip to Australia for my wedding from Argentina. She arrived 2 weeks before the wedding and only then did I buy the material so she could start my dress. I loved it and more so that she made it. So any brides out there, you don’t need months and months to make a wedding dress. In that time she also made my now sister-in-laws matron of honour dress and whilst we went on our honeymoon she made the same sister-in-law’s wedding dress and 3 bridesmaids dresses – yes my brother got married 6 weeks later.

My aunt loves trying out crafts. Enjoys cross stitch and only recently told me about ‘capitone’. She told me to Google it and I believe its a forming of smocking. I need to do more research and of course give it a go.

My aunt embellished these tote bags with some contrasting ribbon embroidery. Adds such a lovely touch. They are a great size and one-of-a-kind. I have claimed the green one and my mum enjoys the other.

Gracia Tia!

green hessian bag

purple hessian bag

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