Don’t throw away the laundry detergent bottle!

A visual feast of the minis that caught my attention at the 25th Sydney Miniatures and Dolls’ House Fair, Saturday 3rd of May.

laundry bottle

I love that people think outside the box. A laundry in the detergent bottle! By Alana Read.

artist studio

The artists’ studio. Can you see the G clamp?


Love the BBQ!

bread store

Did anyone say 9 grain bread?

childrens clothing store

The knitting needle box is so cute.

flower store

Timely. Selling mother’s day flowers.

general grocer

The lolly jars are so cute.


Adorable. Ribbon and trims.

hat store

Gorgeous shop and fit out.


I think the roosters are my favourite.


Macarons of the low calorie kind.


This was impressive, an entire ‘real life’ street.

Oh and I did buy a rainbow of mini fabric pieces. For my WIP.


4 thoughts on “Don’t throw away the laundry detergent bottle!

  1. Great photos – I love seeing what other people were taken with at the fair! I’ve got a much better view of it from bloggers’ photos than I did when I was actually there!

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